START: 14 May 2019
END: 14 May 2019

Living Planet Symposium: OCRE 3rd Requirements Gathering Workshop

Milan, Italy

OCRE's session is titled, "Free Commercial EO services for European Research: Requirements Gathering" and will be held in the Metallica Agora. The project expects to...Read more

START: 23 Apr 2019
END: 25 Apr 2019

GEO Data Technology Workshop: The Era of Big EO Data

Vienna, Austria

The 4th GEO Data Technology Workshop this year is taking place in Vienna, Austria from 23-25 April 2019. The 2019 edition is dedicated to "The Era of Big...Read more

START: 11 Apr 2019
END: 11 Apr 2019

EOSC-hub Week 2019: Role of Procurement in the EOSC

Prague, Czech Republic

Recognised for its vital role in the procurement of commercial services for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), OCRE will be featured in the ...Read more

START: 07 Apr 2019
END: 12 Apr 2019

European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly

Vienna, Austria

The EGU General Assembly 2019 this year will take place in Vienna (Austria) on 7–12 April 2019, where the OCRE project will be directly involved in two sessions. The event is the largest...Read more

START: 01 Apr 2019
END: 01 Apr 2019

HNSciCloud to OCRE: Cloud Credits for Research | Eurodoc Conference

Brussels, Belgium

OCRE organised its first researcher engagement and requirements gathering event as part of the Eurodoc Conference 2019 on 1 April 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. 

OCRE and CERN's Joao Fernandes...Read more

START: 12 Mar 2019
END: 12 Mar 2019

OCRE Suppliers Face-to-Face Meeting

Utrecht, Netherlands

Suppliers of cloud or Earth Observation services gathered at the OCRE-Suppliers Face-to-Face Meeting, which took place on 12 March 2019, from 12:30 - to 15:00 CET...Read more

START: 12 Mar 2019
END: 13 Mar 2019

OCRE Kick Off Meeting

Utrecht, Netherlands

The OCRE project will hold its Kick-Off Meeting on 12-13 March 2019 in Utrecht, Netherlands where all project members are expected to gather and plan the next steps for the project.

Present...Read more

START: 15 Feb 2019
END: 15 Feb 2019

1st and 2nd OCRE Introductory Webinars


The Open Clouds for Research Environments project (OCRE), aims to accelerate cloud adoption in the European research community, by bringing together cloud providers, Earth Observation (EO)...Read more