OCRE Catalogues of Commercial Providers for Research

The OCRE project has developed two catalogues, one for commercial IaaS+ services, and another for Earth Observation services, to support the procurement mechanisms that were implemented during the project duration. The catalogues reflect the supply side of the European digital single market for cloud and earth observation services for research. 


The OCRE Cloud Catalogue shows the suppliers that are part of the OCRE IaaS+ Framework. The catalogue allows an easy pathway for research institutions, universities and even select schools and hospitals to discover and procure commercial cloud services. The OCRE EO Catalogue shows the services of the Earth Observation companies that expressed interest to be enrolled and wish to offer their commercial services to the research sector. The catalogue was used as part of the EO procurement activities following the OCRE EO Funding Calls. 

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The OCRE catalogues are points of reference that are actively used by the European research communities in selecting commercial cloud or EO services. They have been designed with an open and interoperable architecture allowing for future use or integration. Specifically for the OCRE Cloud Catalogue, the services are now made available to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Portal Marketplace and provide the first significant set of in-demand cloud services to the EOSC Exchange and the European research community. 

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