OCRE Success Stories

This area of the website includes stories of how OCRE has helped researchers, be it through the voucher and funding programs, or through the preprocurement of digital Cloud and Earth Observation Services. Take your time to hear what researchers have to say about how OCRE can make digital services for research quicker and easier.



TensorCell - optimising complex processes using AI

Paweł Gora is the founder and leader of an independent research group called TensorCell who are working on optimising complex processes using AI....

OCRE’s cloud vouchers

Scalability made easy - exploring the regenerative power of animal cells thanks to OCRE’s cloud vouchers

Cloud vouchers improve research effectiveness and efficency for team researching how animals can regenerate parts of their bodies after injury.

covid 19 social distance

How COVID19 Measures Are Affecting Our Social Wellbeing

OCRE Cloud IaaS Vouchers gave Dr. Claude Bajada the ooportunity to carry out this study, answering the question: how much are governments able to...