18 November 2020 - 10:30


Have you ever thought about the benefits that satellite data can add to your study results? Do you think your research project can benefit from the use of Earth Observation services?

As a part of our current program, you have the opportunity to obtain free Earth Observation products and services based on Copernicus data and use them within your project.

The first call was launched on October 14th and closes at the end of November 2020. Two more calls are expected in 2021.

The OCRE program allows to obtain:
a) Funding for individual institutes on research projects that would benefit from the consumption of Earth observation services.
b) Co-funding for institutional research projects for the purchase of Earth Observation services (50% co-funded by OCRE).

Learn how to submit the call.
Join the webinar organized by Planetek Italia on November 18th to learn how to answer the OCRE call and submit a request for funds.
During the webinar you will also learn more about the innovative Rheticus® platform which provides geoinformation services for monitoring various phenomena, based on satellite data from the Copernicus program, and eligible for funding by OCRE program.

Webinar Agenda:

  • About the OCRE program
  • How to submit your application to obtain free Earth Observation products and services
  • The Rheticus services available on the Dynamic Procurement System
  • Q&A

Duration: 30 min.
Speakers: Massimo Zotti (Planetek Italia) and Jan Meijer (OCRE )


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