The OCRE Tender

Join other institutions in procuring IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions and EO data services via the OCRE Tender: Sign up now!

European research and education organisations are invited to participate in the Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE) tender. The OCRE tender targets two different service types:


Cloud Services

Earth Observation Data Services

IaaS solutions (storage and compute) and any cloud-delivered solution (such as PaaS and SaaS) that originates from the same IP owner/licensor that provides the IaaS element. Services which incorporate Copernicus Earth Observation data stored in one or more of the Data Information and Access Services platforms (DIAS).


Who should apply

Individual institutions or Buyer groups from

  • Higher education,
  • Research,
  • Primary and secondary education, libraries and academic hospitals

in the EU and EEA are welcome to apply.


By signing up, your organisation benefits from the following:

1. You can use the results of the tender: ready-to-use service agreements with cloud and Earth Observation providers, which ensure good conditions of use around data privacy, contracting, billing, support, technical integration and have special pricing. You can use these contracts to consume the selected suppliers' service offerings; to buy resources with your own funds.

2. You are eligible to request cloud adoption funds. The European Commission has provided OCRE with €9.5 million in adoption funds, to stimulate the usage of cloud and Earth Observation services, throughout the project’s 2019 - 2021 timeframe. OCRE will make these funds available in different stages.

OCRE will distribute a first batch of adoption funds, across institutions and buyer groups who sign up for the OCRE tender and indicate their interest before 12 September 2019, 18:00 CEST. 

For buyer groups: €2,25 million for usage of cloud resources is available for buyer groups who collectively sign-up for the OCRE tender and commit to consuming cloud services via OCRE in 2020. Buyer group coordinators can contact OCRE to sign up.

For individual institutions: OCRE will distribute a minimum amount of €150,000 across individual institutions, through vouchers. These vouchers can be used for running research related IaaS workloads at pre-selected suppliers from an already available set of agreements; those in the GÉANT IaaS framework. 

Based on the expressed interest, OCRE will create categories of research domains and / or countries and group applicants accordingly. OCRE will ensure a balanced distribution of the vouchers across these categories and when needed will select winners randomly for each of these categories. Institutions can express their interest in receiving a voucher via the following web form.

Besides these aforementioned funds which are tied to the OCRE tender sign up, OCRE partners with the following organisations on adoption: 

  • Eurodoc (The European Council for Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers)
  • Marie Curie Association (a global network of researchers)
  • EOSC-hub project

These three organisations will make available €200,000 in vouchers to individual researchers and will handle the selection of and distribution to the researchers.


European research and education organisations can sign-up for the OCRE tender until Thursday, 12 September 2019, 18:00 CEST.

The tender will launch in October, with service agreements available in Q1 2020. These agreements are valid for a period of four years, until Q1 2024.

Institutions participating in the tender can thus order services via these ready to use agreements in this timeframe. In parallel, the EC adoption funds will be made available by OCRE in the 2020 – 2021 timeframe to stimulate usage. 

Note that there will be two separate OCRE tenders, one for commodity cloud services and another on digital Earth Observation services. Timelines and deadlines for both maybe updated in the future. Watch this space to keep up to date.

How to participate

Research and higher education institutions in the following 25 countries are already registered in the tender via their National Research and Education Network (NREN). Your NREN is collaborating closely with the OCRE project, via the European GÉANT association.












Inter-University Computation Center












Ricerkanet - Malta





Czech Republic













CSC - IT Centre for Science Ltd.




Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association - GRENA

The Netherlands




United Kingdom








Cloud contact points at the NRENs are available on this separate webpage.

NOTE: This entry in the OCRE tender does not constitute any type of formal commitment for institutions to purchase services. It is simply an expression of interest. i.e., it is not mandatory to consume the tender outcomes.


Take advantage of volume benefits: Provide input on your expected consumption

In addition to this basic registration, you are invited to provide input to OCRE on your expected consumption via the tender.

In the tender documentation, the NRENs and OCRE will present a collective view of the expected consumption which will take place through the OCRE tender. Gathering this demand across institutions, into a collective consumption projection, is expected to result in more favourable conditions of use from providers: the larger the volume, the higher the discount levels. All institutions who provide information on their expected usage as part of the tender documentation, will benefit from volume benefits achieved through the OCRE tender.

The NRENs, GÉANT and OCRE are collaborating, to gather this information in a coordinated manner. We invite every institution to provide information via the this web form before 12 September 2019, 18:00 CEST. OCRE and GÉANT will share this input with your NREN, to ensure alignment between European and national efforts.

NOTE: Providing information on the expected level of consumption, does not constitute any type of formal commitment for institutions to purchase services. OCRE will make the information provided by each institution on their expected usage, available to suppliers selected in the tender.


Higher education and research institutions not covered by their NREN: how to participate in the tender and apply for adoption funds

For higher education and research institutions in other countries than those listed in the table above: you are not (yet) covered by your NREN. You can participate in the OCRE tender and apply for adoption funds. Here's how:

  1. Contact your NREN, to ask the NREN to play a national coordination role and include all institutions in the OCRE tender. Cloud contact points at the NRENs are available on this separate webpage.

If your NREN isn't able to fulfil this role in the OCRE tender, institutions can look at alternative national organisations, who can form a tender group at a national level, for economies of scale advantages and efficiencies; where one institute acts as coordinator on behalf of a number of group members.

  1. In addition, we invite you to sign up for the OCRE tender yourself (individually) before 12 September 2019, 18:00 CEST, to ensure you are registered for the tender and will thus be eligible to use the outcomes. When you sign up, OCRE will share the information with your NREN.


Primary and secondary education, libraries and academic hospitals

For organisations in primary and secondary education, libraries and academic hospitals. In a number of countries your NREN delivers services to you. If your NREN fulfils a coordinating role in the OCRE tender and adds your organisation to the tender list, you will be eligible to consume the outcomes. Please contact your NREN for further details. Cloud contact points at the NRENs are available on this separate webpage.


For organisations interested in coordinating a tender buyer group

Please contact OCRE to discuss your role as a tender buyer group coordinator.