July 19,2019


Great news! If you haven't had the chance to respond to the requirements gathering surveys, the deadlines have just been extended!

12 September 2019, 18:00 CEST is the new extended deadline to provide feedback from the original 19 July 2019 deadline. 

Survey respondents have the chance to obtain vouchers (for the commodity cloud surveys) or to win a drone (for the Earth Observation user and supplier surveys)! Check out the page on the EO survey raffle

With the deadline extended, the raffle for the Earth Observation has also been postponed to late September. Follow our OCRE LinkedIn where the winners will be announced first!

Your participation in the requirement gathering surveys will help in building OCRE's tender, addressing the specific needs of the research community, of suppliers of commercial cloud services and EO companies, while also ensuring compliance with EOSC requirements.

Learn more about the raffle mechanisms and see the links to the surveys now!