November 02,2020


Today, 2 November 2020, the 1st Cloud Funding for Research Open Call closed and has been oversubscribed. The evaluation process will now begin and the results of the call will be announced by mid-December 2020. 

The call is for the adoption of cloud services available through the OCRE IaaS+ framework agreements by projects who are able to act as a case study showing the value impact of these services on research outcomes. A total of 27 applications were received from 12 different countries, with a wide array of different fields of study

OCRE Adoption Funding Lead Jan Meijer said about the outcome of the 1st open call: "We're pleased by the number of proposals received and the spread across countries and disciplines. We're now looking forward to selecting the best proposals to demonstrate the benefits of commercial cloud services for improved research outcomes. The awards are expected to be known by mid-December."

About OCRE

European research produces the greatest amount of relevant data globally and the European Commission wants to harness this data for the betterment of European innovation. OCRE aims to demonstrate the positive impact that cloud and digital services have on research outcomes in terms of agility; scalability; efficiency; data sharing through the use of advanced analytics; machine learning; AI; and collaboration tools.

OCRE is part of the broader European Open Science Cloud landscape and focuses on the delivery of commercial cloud and digital platforms providing for excellence regarding European research outcomes and ensuring that related data support the FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) data principles.

Future Calls

Two subsequent calls for projects to receive adoption funding for OCRE's Cloud Services are planned to open in February and July 2021 respectively.

To hear about these future calls express your interest here.