July 13,2022


A new success story has been published on the OCRE website which shows how Univerzitet Singidunum in collaboration with Univesidade Lusófona are using OCRE funded commercial cloud services to develop advanced methods and algorithms for decentralised Machine Learning Control (MLC) for Networked Cyber-Physical Systems, and complex, spatially distributed and networked autonomous multi-agent dynamical systems. 

The methods and algorithms are being developed to enable a system of autonomous Micro-Aerial Vehicles (Cooperative Swarm), to safely perform complex tasks in unknown environments using on-board sensors and inter-drone communication. This outcome would have huge benefits in application fields such as construction, disaster relief, and many more.

An OCRE grant of up to €100,000 in cloud computing resources allowed the project to access state-of-the-art technology and quicken speed of implementation. This case demonstrates that commercial cloud used for research can lead to better and faster results.

Read more about this success story here