August 28,2020


On Wednesday, 14 October 2020, OCRE will launch its first funding call specifically focused on stimulating the adoption of digital Earth Observation (EO) services by researchers.

Two subsequent calls for projects using earth observation services are planned to open in February and July 2021, respectively. 

About the OCRE Earth Observation Services Funding Call

The types of bespoke Earth Observation Services we anticipate stimulating will include those providing for data processing; Copernicus data rendering and value add; advanced data analytics; interactive development; user algorithm hosting.  

Through its Earth Observation Services adoption calls, OCRE aims to stimulate the use of specialised Earth Observation Services aiding the use of Earth Observation data in research, in particular, usage of the data generated by the Copernicus programme. It also seeks to demonstrate that the use of such services can have a tangible positive impact on research execution and/or outcomes (showcases). Finally, through the Earth Observation Services, OCRE intends to contribute to the development of the nascent market of Earth Observation service suppliers.

Under this 1st EO funding call, OCRE offers EO services the opportunity to have their projects funded, with the aim of them becoming clear showcases for the benefits of using Earth Observation Services. The types of projects that will be considered are those, which;

  • Are a part of the European research community.
  • Use earth observation data from the Copernicus programme in their research.
  • Support the FAIR data principles and intend to share their research data with peers.
  • Clearly demonstrate how the use of commercial Earth Observation Services can provide agility in terms of research activities; improve research or enable new research outcomes.
  • Provide significant relevance within their research discipline.
  • Are not currently using these tools extensively.
  • Hope to continue usage of Earth Observation Services in their research.
  • Can begin to use Earth Observation Services in early 2021.


More on OCRE

European research produces the greatest amount of relevant data globally and the European Commission wants to harness this data for the betterment of European innovation. OCRE aims to demonstrate the positive impact that cloud and digital services have on research outcomes in terms of agility; scalability; efficiency; collaboration and data sharing through the use of advanced analytics; machine learning; AI; and collaboration tools.

OCRE is part of the broader European Open Science Cloud landscape and focuses on the delivery of commercial cloud and digital platforms providing for excellence regarding European research outcomes and ensuring that related data support the FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) data principles.

How to Stay Informed

In order to stay informed about future calls, sign up for the OCRE call updates on the OCRE website. Alternatively, if you are interested in this particular call, you can sign up for the infoshare webinar, which will be held on Wednesday, 14 October 2020, 2 PM CEST.