July 26,2021


OCRE Project Director, David Heyns, Paolo Perulli, Sales Manager Enterprise and European Institutions at Sparkle and Paola Crobu, Project Manager of Multi-cloud Solutions at Sparkle met with the Sparkle Research for Education team in Rome to produce an exciting podcast series dedicated to the OCRE Project. 

The series, which is aimed at both highlighting the OCRE Framework and promoting the adoption of cloud services, goes in depth on cloud technologies, innovation and cloud trends, with the OCRE Project and its unique focus in mind. 

Episode one, featuring Paola Crobu, talks about how cloud computing can benefit the research and education community and how the OCRE Project is supporting institutions as they move to the cloud. 

Episode two, featuring both David Heyns and Paolo Perulli, discusses the evolution of the cloud IaaS within the OCRE framework and how this unique solution can assist the digitisation process that the research and education community is now embracing. 

Listen to the podcasts now!