September 13,2019


Individual researchers interested in obtaining one of OCRE’s IaaS vouchers, but are not members of EURODOC or the Marie Curie Alumni Association, are now invited to apply for OCRE’s vouchers through EOSC-hub’s Early Adopter Programme.

OCRE is one of the early partners of EOSC-hub’s Early Adopter Programme, along with OpenAIRE and GÉANT, who provide services and resources for the EOSC early adopters. Under the Memorandum of Understanding signed with EOSC-hub, EOSC-hub will distribute OCRE researchers to successful applicants of their Early Adopter Programme.

The EOSC Early Adopter Programme (EAP) offers a wide range of services and solutions for data discovery and reuse, data processing and analysis, data management, curation and preservation access, deposition and sharing, federated authentication and authorisation.

Through the EOSC EAP, researchers will be trained to use resources and services made available by EOSC-hub and partners via the EOSC marketplace and the OCRE project.

Researchers will have the chance to participate alongside the EAP partners while also contributing to the future development of the EOSC.
The deadline to submit applications is 15 October 2019, 18:00 CEST.

Apply now to get your voucher!