Researchers, research institutions, and tender (buyer) groups can take advantage of the OCRE project's cloud vouchers, which are FREE at the point of the user, and cloud funding. This is part of OCRE's aim of stimulating the uptake of commercial digital services by researchers.

OCRE Cloud Funding

Once the new resulting cloud services from the OCRE tender have been announced, €2.035 million will be made available for use by individual researchers, research institutions for the resulting cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). Cloud Funding Calls will be launched to receive applications from research projects to receive cloud adoption funding. 

Ensuring the transparent and fair distribution of these adoption funds is the OCRE Expert Advisory Board which is formed of independent experts external to the OCRE consortium. Learn more about upcoming calls!

OCRE Cloud Funding

To receive notice of upcoming calls, research institutions interested in putting forward projects for OCRE funding can express their interest in these calls here:

OCRE IaaS Vouchers

OCRE will make available €400,000 to individual researchers, through a voucher model, via suppliers selected from the current GÉANT IaaS framework. At present, only vouchers from CloudSigma are in distribution. 

Learn more about the features available from CloudSigma especially for the successful recipients of the vouchers through OCRE. 

OCRE CloudSigma IaaS Vouchers

How to apply

OCRE has put in place several agreements with various organisations and projects that are authorised to evaluate applications for these vouchers for their community members.

Eurodoc and Marie Curie Alumni Association Members


As a direct path to the long-tail of science - the grassroots researchers, OCRE has entered into an agreement with Eurodoc and the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) to distribute cloud vouchers to their members that apply for them. 



EOSC-hub: EOSC Early Adopter Programme

Researchers and research communities can apply to the EOSC Early Adopter Programme where OCRE has set aside €100,000 in vouchers for applications through EOSC-hub. Applications are accepted periodically through Calls. As of the end of 2019, the 1st and 2nd Calls have been concluded.



OCRE Digital Earth Observation Services Funding

Same as the case of the OCRE Cloud Funding, €2.475 million in vouchers will be made available for individual researchers, and research institutions to use for digital Earth Observation services resulting from the OCRE tender. 

As the tender hasn't been concluded yet, the digital Earth Observation services are still being identified. To keep up to date, we recommend you to join the OCRE Community Network or inquire about the vouchers to be the first to know about them and new services. 

Reach out to us

Any questions? Send an inquiry about our vouchers, and be included in our OCRE Community Network now!