The OCRE project has bridged the supply and demand sides and more than doubled cloud adoption by the European research community. Now, the research community and 10,000 research institutions can benefit from the digital single market for cloud and digital EO services,also providing the first significant set of commercial providers to the EOSC Exchange. Benefits include:

  • Easily find and select suitable services
  • Quickly validate services
  • Get access to ready-to-use agreements with providers
  • Ensure legal and technical compliance
  • Benefit from volume discounts
  • ...and more!


OCRE's Key Exploitable Results


OCRE Cloud and EO Service Catalogues

Business Models: Funding and Procurement Mechanisms

OCRE ran a pan-European procurement resulting in the OCRE Cloud Catalogue of compliant cloud-based providers in 40 European countries that are part of the OCRE Cloud Framework. EO service providers that have also been mapped as part of the EO funding opportunities have also been compiled in the OCRE EO Catalogue. These allow research institutions to easily approach and select suppliers. 

OCRE engaged both the demand side (research community) and supply side (commercial cloud and EO suppliers) and involved them in procurement activities. The project also piloted its business models through distribution of EU funding for commercial services to research projects. The OCRE IaaS+ Framework resulted in significant uptake of cloud in Europe with exponential growth in framework contract use compared to the previous framework. 

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EOSC Test Suite for Commercial Services

Survey Outcomes on Commercial Cloud and EO Services Demand

The consortium has developed an open-source tool for benchmark testing and validation of commercial cloud services. The test suite, which is proposed to be incorporated into the EOSC Core, can help research institutions take informed decisions on choosing digital services in EOSC while also helping providers benchmark and improve their offering to the research community.

OCRE has run a number of requirements gathering surveys and interviews towards commercial cloud and EO service users in research to identify demands for these types of services.

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