01 April 2019 - 08:00 to 15:30

Brussels, Belgium

OCRE organised its first researcher engagement and requirements gathering event as part of the Eurodoc Conference 2019 on 1 April 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. 

OCRE and CERN's Joao Fernandes led a talk on two sessions, first in Session #1 PhD as a Driving Force for Sustainable Innovation where he will discuss "From HNSciCloud to OCRE: Cloud credits for Research". This was follwed by Session #2 Inspirational round table discussions where he discussed "Open data and the Helix-Nebula Science Cloud (HNSciCloud)". They were held at 10 AM (Auditorium Albert II) and 1PM (Patio), respectively.

As OCRE is in its requirements gathering phase, the Eurodoc Conference offers the perfect opportunity for Belgian early-career researchers, Eurodoc international delegates, and European doctoral school officials to engage with OCRE provide input to the upcoming tender and get information on how to benefit from the €500,000 in free vouchers that can be used for the commercial cloud services under the GÉANT IaaS Framework. OCRE will partner with Eurodoc where Eurodoc will screen applications for the vouchers. 

Download the OCRE Vouchers Flier

This was all organised under the Eurodoc 2019 Conference, which took place in Brussels, Belgium, on April 01-02, 2019. The event was organised by Focus Research and Eurodoc, the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers. During the conference, the focus was on career opportunities for PhD holders. The conference theme was: “Employability of PhDs: Valorise Your Skills and Reach Your Full Potential”. See the agenda here

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